All facilities are in the school complex between Blackmoors Lane (BS3 2JL) and Parklands Road. Access to the school is through the Blackmoors Lane entrance. The narrow unpaved Parklands Road is the schools emergency access.

Blackmoors Lane is heavily congested with traffic at certain times, particularly when the school finishes in the afternoons, usually between 3:00 to 3:30pm.

Above Ashton Court and the Mansion from the Ashton Park school playing fields.

Old entrance to Ashton Court now unused.

Ashton Park School was built in the 1950's in the grounds of Ashton Court Estate, the above photo shows what was previously the main entrance to Ashton Court from Bristol and is the inspiration for the school logo. Before the Clifton Suspension Bridge was built (completed in 1864) it was called the Town Gate or Lower Lodge. The Lower Lodge is currently being repaired/restored.

The Clifton Lodge/Clifton Suspension Bridge route avoided the crossing at Rownham Ferry and post 1864 it was known as the Garden Gate or the Lower Lodge its now disused. The photo is from outside the school with the (usually) very busy Brunel Way in the foreground.

For another (more attractive) view of the lodge see the residents association page on recommended services.

Ashton Park Schools web site's school history page gives more details about the lodge and the Giant Sequoia that was due to be cut down when the school was built.

Sequoia and School

As you can see the Sequoia is still here on the far right. Topping out ceremony

Ashton Park School

The new school building was topped out in early 2010. When it opened in September 2010 the school numbers and staff increased by about 10%.

School Clubs & Activities

The regular events page has details of these with a weekend Arts School also shown on the commercial page.

I am sure there are more than are shown on those pages. If you want a free link or a mention, use the contacts page.

Twinned to: Inspirations School in Shiku Dabu, Kenya. Shiku Dabu is about 5 miles from Mombasa.

Ashton Park Sports Centre

Ashton Park Sports Centre

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